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9050 E Pinnacle Peak Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85255


The Highlands Institute equips believers to become leaders in their communities for sake of the gospel.


The Highlands Institute 
















Why should I enroll at HI?

The Highlands Institute provides biblical training for practical ministry for those who have a personal faith in Jesus Christ and actively serve within their local church. Anyone interested in taking an HBI class simply needs to sign up.  Students who desire to earn a certificate must officially apply and be accepted to HI in order for their coursework to be credited toward their program of study.

What does it cost to attend HI?

Tuition is $25 per five-week class. Ten-week online classes also are $25.

Who are the instructors?

Classes are taught by experienced church leaders and pastors who have proven highly effective in church ministry. Many of our instructors hold graduate degrees, and all are called by God, highly trained, and are gifted teachers.

Is HI accredited?

HI is not accredited and is not currently pursuing accreditation. We have chosen to remain unaccredited and seek to demonstrate the credibility of HI through compliance with generally accepted accreditation standards and through the ministry effectiveness of our students. Additionally, we want to keep the cost of tuition affordable so that more students have the opportunity to take classes and remain free from school debt.

What programs or certificates does HI offer?

We offer three program options for students:

  • Certificate of Biblical Studies

  • Certificate of Theological Studies

  • Certificate of Pastoral Studies

Who may enroll at HI?

All prospective HI students must actively serve in their local church. Additionally, students must:


(Note: Pastoral Studies certificate students must have or be pursuing a bachelor's degree and/or demonstrate through life experiences, character, and maturity their qualifications for future full-time ministry that are consistent with 2 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.) 

When are classes held?

Classes are typically 2-hour sessions and run for 5 weeks. Class dates vary. Please see our Course Schedules for an entire list of class times. Online classes last 10 weeks.

How do I sign up for classes?

Anyone interested in taking an HI class simply needs to click here to sign up. Individuals who wish to take a class must be at least 16 years of age, be a committed follower of Jesus Christ, and agree with our Statement of Faith and Statement on Diversity. Students who desire to earn a certificate must officially apply and be accepted to HI in order for their coursework to be credited toward their program of study. We encourage student to view all of our course descriptions prior to registering for a class. HI only accepts payment by credit/debit card.

What courses does HI offer?

An entire list of course and their descriptions is listed on our Academics page.

Are scholarships available?

For tuition assistance, prospective students must contact the registrar and request an HI Tuition Assistance form. Donations can be made on our website.

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